ArtPrize Entry 2016, "In the Forgotten Wood Duo"



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About the Artist

I believe that real magic still exists, along with the beings who are a source of that magic. They reside in the hidden places where men rarely venture, through a veil that separates worlds or in a forgotten wood.

Although I started my artistic career over 40 years ago as a draughtsman and painter, for the past 23 years my focus has been on the creation of wearable art in the form of jewelry made by lost wax casting. Hundreds of hours slip away while sculpting wax in minute jewelry scale, which is followed by casting, assembly, patina, polishing and the setting of stones. Currently the vast majority of the work that is posted will be of jewelry, but recently my journey as an artist has brought me full circle, rediscovering my love of graphite while maintaining my passion for jewelry creation. In order to combine the vastly different art mediums I will be taking a single design and explore the likenesses and differences in the expression of a wearable piece of jewelry and a graphite drawing. One sculpted in relief and at times fully three dimensional opposed to a two dimensional piece of art, one that needs to be engineered in order to be worn while the other to adorn a wall.

Fantasy is for everyone, not just for children, it speaks of light and shadow and the mystery that may be concealed within. I hope that wearing or viewing my work will kindle a sense of wonder and magic the lays hidden, often very deeply, within each one of us.