"At Last" Cuff Bracelet Design
The Start of Wax Sculpture on Bracelet Form
Completed Wax Sculpture of "At Last" Bracelet
Wax Sculpture Sprued and Ready for Investment
Sprued Wax Mounted on Rubber Base
Weighing Plaster and Ready to Mix Investment
Flasks With Investment Under Vacuum
Flasks in Kiln and Ready For Burnout Cycle
Melting Metal With a Torch
Pouring Metal Into Flask With Vacuum Assist
Poured Metal Cooling in Flask
Quenching Poured Metal After Casting
First Look At Freshly Cast Bracelet
Picking Out Investment Plaster
Lost Wax Casting Oxidized Metal
Lost Wax Casting Bracelet in Pickle
Bracelet With Oxidation Removed
Removing Sprues With Jewelers Hand Saw
Bracelet With Sprues Removed
Bracelet With Flexi Shaft and Accessories
Sprayed With Metal Shavings During Grinding
Bracelet Rough Polished
Finished At Last Pegasus and Maiden Fantasy Bracelet
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