Jewelry and Drawings by Mystic Swan

Creations by Sharon K Berkan-Dent


Artisans Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry & Graphite Drawings of Mystical Themes

One Artist, Two Mediums

When creating artwork my fascination with the mystical world intertwines with my love of nature. I am captivated by stories of myth, lore, spirituality and fantasy which materialize in my creations of jewelry and graphite drawings. 

My jewelry is created by the lost wax process, spending numerous hours sculpting wax, capturing form and detail and apply the sculptural form to a functional piece of jewelry. It is then casting them in sterling silver.  

I approach my work from the viewpoint of a naturalist, composing graphite drawings to accurately reflect the texture, detail and complexity of the environment, all the while overlaying realistic figures that meld into these settings to create a mystical, yet relevant narrative about a personality or the habitat in which we live. 



3865 E Johns Ln
Midland, MI


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