Dragon and Goddess Necklace, Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry, Renaissance Dragon

Enter the mystical realm where these companions, a lovely maiden and magical dragon, watch and care for each other in this captivating piece of sterling silver fantasy jewelry. The dragon proctects while the maiden tempers the dragons fierceness, each balancing the others energies. The pair are watched over by the moon overhead in this dragon and goddess necklace.

My work is created using the lost wax casting method. The figures were sculpted in wax, including as much detail as possible - note the individual scales on the dragon and the necklace on the goddess figure. The figures are also sculpted three dimensionally, then filed flat on the back for wearing comfort.. After casting a patina (antiquing) is applied which enhances the detail and scuptural form of the piece.

This Renaissance Dragon Pendant with Moon Bail is 1 3/8 inches wide by 2 1/8 inches tall including the bail. A 16 inch black cord is included.

This verse accompanies the pendant

With power great, Dragon protects in times of 
much weariness, guarding the way till strength
returns sending good fortune following.



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