Dragon Necklace, Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry, Castle and Dragon Pendant

Vines drape down around the castle archway which frames a flying dragon in this sterling silver fantasy jewelry pendant. This dragon necklace is perfect for those interested in a wide range of themes from Dragons, Renaissance, the world of Fae and Fantasy to Harry Potter.

The castle and dragon pendant is 1/2 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches tall, including the bail where the cord threads through. A 16 inch black cord is included with purchase.

As with all my jewelry this piece was created using the lost wax casting process. I start by creating a detailed pencil drawing to refine my idea and layout the proportion of the piece. The next step is to sculpt everything in wax, a very time consuming process, but also the step I most enjoy. When sculpting is complete it is cast using the lost wax method in sterling silver. A patina was applied to give some areas a darker finish than others, providing for contrast and interest. This was followed by hand polishing and an application of Renaissance Wax to protect the finish and guard against tarnish.

Take a bit of magic with you throughout your day with this magical dragon pendant.



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